DESY PhD Seminar

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"Current and future Neutrino experiments", 03.07.2008 (pdf) (Martin Hierholzer)

"The OPERA Emulsions", 12.06.2008 (pdf, ppt) (Jan Lenkeit)

"Experiments with Neutrinobeams", 05.11.2007 (pdf) (Torben Ferber)

"Neutrino Experiments with Liquid Scintillator Detectors", 29.10.2007 (pdf) (Daniel Bick)

"Status and Future of Neutrinophysics", 24.10.2005 (pdf, ppt) (Björn Wonsak)

"Experiments on neutrino oscillation & OPERA", 25.04.2005 (pdf) (Benjamin Janutta)

"Introduction to OPERA", 06.06.2005 (pdf, ppt) (Jan Sewing)


Hamburg University

Rostock University

Münster University

ITEP (Moscow)

located at: LNGS (Italy)
funded by: BMBF (Germany)